Our strategies

We’ve launched new strategies designed for a better risk management. You will be able to switch from a strategy to another one.

Strategy Type Token Annualised
Drawdown Expo Turnover Supported
χ Khi
Smoothed Classic Bounce
Long Only BTC 158.77% -26.21% 100% High Frequency Binance, Binance US
ψ Psi
Powerful Bounce
Long Only BTC 188.50% -32.09% 100% High Frequency Binance, Binance US
γ Gamma
Ethereum Normalization
Long Only ETH 153.67% -34.85% 100% Hourly All
κ Kappa
Combo Bounce
Long Only BTC 464.85% -19.55% 100% High Frequency Binance, Binance US
Strategy χ KhiStrategy ψ PsiStrategy γ GammaStrategy κ Kappa

Before choosing your strategy

Key principles to have in mind when you consider delegating to a trading bot

Understand the bot’s strategy

Before choosing a strategy, you must take the trading philosophy of each into account : Are you willing to trade on a specific token or more, being long or short, or doing both ?trading hourly or daily ? measure your risk vs reward ratio etc.

Evaluate your risk tolerance

You have to consider both the risk and reward. they are indissociably linked when it comes to investing. Trading cryptocurrencies is especially volatile. it's imperative that you understand the risk of losing all or a portion of your money

Define your Investment time horizon

In trading, time horizon is everything. Winning traders are patient. Rather than acting on a whim, you have to carefully consider and define your trading plan, in which precise entry and exit strategies are specified, and strictly follow it.

Choose you investment amount

Crypto is volatile and you have to make sure that you’re ready to live sharp drawdowns. We highly recommend to invest only money you don’t need and can afford to lose.