Crypto trading is hard.
Use our Quant Strategies to
beat the market.

XOR develops advanced quantitative trading strategies using new mathematics and statistical paradigms that outperform* the market in middle and long term.

χ Khi
Perf since inception* : 10.91%
ψ Psi
Perf since inception* : 43.03%
γ Gamma
Perf since inception* : 33.38%
κ Kappa
Perf since inception* : 45.58%

* Total Perf based on average real execution on client wallets.
** Trading involves risk. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

About XOR

XOR is a fully automated trading bot with high performing strategies developped since 4 years by mathematician and quantitative traders. Strategies are backtested in all market typologies and live since 2021, when we outperformed market.

We decided to launch XOR in 2022 to assist both casual and corporate traders by removing the hassle and emotion from trading, saving you time, and maximizing efficiency through the use of performing trading algorithms.

How it works?

  • Select a strategy based on your risk profile
  • Connect your exchange API with XOR
  • Activate your trade
  • For premium, you pay only if we perform

Track your performances in real time and stay in full control of your portfolio : You can deactivate or reactivate XOR at any time.

We have worked hard to develop these high-performance strategies, and we are delighted with the growing interest of our followers. When you consider joining XOR, you are using innovative technologies that continuously analyze the market in real time. XOR develops two main types of automatic trading strategies: trend following with precise exits and high frequency which exploits all the semi-chaotic variations of small timeframes. Risk control coupled with performance is the core of our development.
Aurélien Ohayon
Aurélien OHAYON Twitter Linkedin
CEO of XOR SAS and head of algorithmic

Algorithmic trading

Our trading strategies are based on algorithms with a wide range of advanced strategies, designed by professional quants. We combine several indicator together to allow for greater or lesser exposure depending on market conditions.

Non custodial & Secure

Your funds remain in your exchange. We only have an API access to trade on your behalf on your spot account. XOR actively make moves on the market, 24/7 : and take positions on an hourly, daily or weekly basis

Market Phase detection

Our latest in-house indicators detect sideways and bear markets, allowing us to exit or reduce exposition. Market exits of varying lengths are triggered, allowing our strategies to exit higher than its future entry, or to exit in order to avoid a volatility movement exceeding the acceptable risks.

Backtested and live execution

Our strategies are only added after solid backtesting on historical market data. However, this does not guarantee their future performance. Our flagship one has been on the market since 2021 and has far outperformed the market.

XOR BASIC - Started with $250

We charge $2 per $100 invested for 1 month subscription

No performances fees applied.
Additional deposits are not allowed during the subscription membership.

XOR PREMIUM - Started with $2,000

We charge 25% performance fees each winning month

Each month we take a snapshot of your wallet and we apply a 25% fees on the total traded. You’re free to make deposits and withdraws since we’re able to calculate the exact performance you’ve made with us.

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