trading indicators

We design performing long-only strategies
using new mathematical and statistical tools

2022 Q1 Expo 59 % -8 % --
2021 Q4 Expo 3 % 4.00 % 5.00 %
2021 Q3 Expo 60 % 125.00 % 25.00 %
2021 Q2 Expo 28 % 517.00 % -40.00 %
2021 Q1 Expo 100 % 2,404.00 % 103.00 %
2020 Q4 Expo 70 % 96.00 % 169.00 %



Based on the sequential implementation of 11 algorithms:
Each time we develop an optimization with a robust backtesting, we implement it.

Currently available in Binance

Binance Binance US

About our trading strategy


Long only strategy

XOR use a long-only index strategy for the top-30 Marketcap, which is rebalanced hourly to ensure significant performances.


Non custodial & Secure

Your funds remain in your binance account. We only have an api access to trade on your own on your spot account.


Market Phases detection

Our latest implemented strategies detect sideways and bear market phases, allowing us to exit the market using stablecoins.


Only performance fees

There are no management fees or entry fees for now. We only charge if we make profit on a monthly basis with high-water mark principle.


How to start trading with XOR


Create your account

We need to make sure to get the right informations about yourself.


Connect your binance API

We make sure to get access to your Binance account to be able to trade on your own.


Trading starts

We calculate the probability of a token's price increasing on an hourly basis.


You pay if strategy perform

We will send you an invoice after the first profits and make you sign a mandate.

Only performance fees


There are no management or entry fees for now. We use the high-water mark (HWM) principle, which refers to the highest point in value that your balance has reached during a given period.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I trade on any market?

Currently, we only support the Binance platform. We're currently working on further exchange support such as FTX and Bybit.

What is the minimum investment to be eligible?

The minimum investment to start trading with XOR is $250. your funds remain on your Binance account, we don't have access to your funds.

How are the fees calculated?

We only apply "performance fees" and take 25% of the realized gain. We apply a High-Water Mark, which allows not to count twice the increases during the drawdown movements (loss then recovery of the loss). Perf fee calculations are performed at each account movement (cash in and cash out) and monthly. Invoices are issued monthly.

How does the bot perform?

The XOR bot always implements the latest strategy in real time. Since its inception on Binance , XOR has implemented 11 algorithms. The performance of the cumulative series of these 11 algorithms is given in the graph above.

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You are free to discontinue using our solutions service at any time.

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